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Here at the Belmont Vet Centre, we understand that our feline friends are different. They require special attention and have specific needs, which we pride ourselves on catering to.

We have successfully been accredited as a Gold Standard Cat-Friendly Clinic by the International Society of Feline Medicine since 2016 and we are currently the sole clinic within the Geelong region to achieve this accreditation. Our team has been trained to understand, approach, handle and treat cats, with our facilities being tailored to feline-friendly practice. 

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We are a Cat Friendly Clinic!

For more information on our Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation please don’t hesitate to contact us- we love to chat about all things cat!

Cat Vaccinations

Many diseases that can affect cats are preventable through proper pet vaccinations. Belmont Veterinary Centre recommends keeping up-to-date with the following vaccinations:

Vaccinations are a vital component to pet health and protection against potential fatal disease​

Kitten Vaccination Protocol

TRICAT Vaccination: Panleucopenia, Calicivirus and Rhinotracheitis virus

TRICAT Vaccination: Panleucopenia, Calicivirus and Rhinotracheitis virus

TRICAT Vaccination: Panleucopenia, Calicivirus and Rhinotracheitis virus

They will then require another booster TRICAT vaccination (provided the kitten vaccines have been given)

Adult Cat Vaccination Protocol

Annual booster vaccinations are required every year, when your cat comes in for their annual wellness check. There are three viruses we routinely vaccinate for, these include Panleucopenia, Calicivirus and Rhinotracheitis.

F3 Vaccine: There are three components to an F3 vaccination, these include: Panleucopenia, Calicivirus and Rhinotracheitis. The Panleucopenia component of the vaccine provides protection for your cat for three years – so the F3 vaccination is given every three years.

F2 Vaccine: The calicivirus and rhinotracheitis components are given together every year, as part of the F2 vaccination. The F2 vaccination is given annually, on year two and three in our vaccination schedule (between the F3 vaccinations)

In addition to vaccinating your cat with an F2/F3 vaccine, all cats with access to the outdoors need to be vaccinated to protect them from FIV. The vaccination schedule for this requires three vaccinations given 2-4 weeks apart and then a once yearly booster injection, this can be given alongside the TRICAT vaccination schedule so that they remain in sync for the life of your cat.

NOTE: The FIV vaccination must be given at its due date, otherwise your cat may need to restart their course of primary vaccinations again. If your cat is overdue for their vaccines, please contact us so we can guide you on how to get your cat fully protected.

Although your cat may be fully vaccinated, it is important to remember that there is still a small chance that they can acquire these diseases. However if fully vaccinated, the chance of catching the disease and the severity is greatly reduced.

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Parasite Protection

We have a range of different preventative and treatment products available to protect your cat. Our team can recommend options to suit your pet and lifestyle.


Diet and nutrition is a vital part of animal development and maintaining good health. It is vital that kittens and cats are given a high-quality, complete and balanced diet.

Cat Friendly Clinic

We are the only accredited Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic in the Geelong region since 2016. This is awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine.

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