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The staff at Belmont Veterinary Centre are dedicated to continue learning how to provide your pet with the best care!

Pets are our passion.

We work hard to further our education and provide excellent care for your pet every single visit! Here is what some of our team members have been up to so far in 2019!

July 2019

Nurse Treina is Fear Free Certified!

We are delighted to announce that our nursing team have fully embraced the Fear Free philosophy at the BVC, with several more enrolments. Nurse Treina is the first to complete her Certification. We are very proud of the team’s commitment to reduce stress on pets and their people and to improve the outcomes we can deliver to your pet at every visit.

June 2019

Dr Richard is Fear Free Certified!

Dr Richard has joined Drs Lucy & Maria in achieving his Fear Free Certification. This means that all our entire veterinary team have embraced the Fear Free philosophy and taken action to ensure they can deliver a fear and stress free environment for your pet. This makes visits more pleasant AND improves your outcomes because we are better able to evaluate and treat your pet. So proud of the whole team for their commitment to this program.

Hill’s Annual Vet Nurse Weekend

Nurses Ally & Natalie were delighted to be invited to attend the Hill’s Annual Vet Nurse Weekend in Canberra. This is an event for a select group of nurses and packs a lot in to three days of fun and adventure. There is a lot of education -nutritional and clinical – the opportunity to meet and form relationships with nurses in other clinics and areas of expertise and, as you can see from the photo, plenty of fun and recreation is included. The report from the nurses was that it was a highly enjoyable weekend and they returned very motivated to share their experiences and new learning to improve the services the BVC can offer.

May 2019

Ally Completes Hill’s Puppy Pre-School Training!

Our puppy school trainer Ally has cemented her knowledge and is now a Certified Hill’s Puppy Pre-School Trainer. We use a lot of the Hill’s resources in our puppy school as a basis for our lesson plans, but the knowledge and skills passed on to you is based on wide research and targeted to the needs of you and your puppy.

Amelia Completes Certificate!

Our newest addition Amelia is already showing how passionate she is about learning and using that knowledge to help you and your pet. We are very proud of Amelia for procuring her Cat Handling Certificate from the Society for International Cat Care. We are a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice and Amelia is excited to be part of our commitment to reducing stress when cats visit the BVC.

April 2019

Drs Lucy & Maria are Fear Free Certified!

Dr. Lucy & Dr. Maria have completed their Fear Free Certification Program and have now joined Nurse Ally as certified Fear Free Professionals. We are so proud of their achievements and their determination to reduce the stress on pets when they visit the vet and that improves outcomes for our pets, our owners and our team.

March 2019

Epilepsy Webinar

This month the vets chose epilepsy as the topic for their March webinar, attending Dr Simon Platt’s presentation on “The Top 10 treatment topics in Seizures”. Over the course of two hours Dr Platt presented many ideas and advances in treatment options. Dr Richard says the webinar has already changed the BVC recommendations for some pets with epilepsy and has caused us to update and improve our Standards of Care. All the vets reported that this webinar gave them new ideas and new treatment options.

Ally is Fear Fear Certified

Wow! Last month Ally enrolled in her Fear Free Certification Program and she has already completed all the required modules and achieved her status as a Fear Free Professional. We look forward to using Ally’s improved knowledge to work with you and your pet to provide a happy environment where your pet feels loved and safe.

February 2019

Koala Workshop

Giving up one of their own weekends to drive to Warrnambool for this workshop presented by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Briana and Ally enjoyed a day learning about our cuddly native “not-bears” (did you know that technically the koala isn’t a bear? I didn’t). Briana reports that they shared a very informative day learning about koalas in the wild – their social groups, behaviours and very specific home ranges. This knowledge was then extended to how to safely catch and handle koalas and how best to care for them in an emergency situation.

Fear Free Certification Program

This month Dr. Lucy, Dr. Maria and Ally enrolled in this American program to achieve certification as a Fear Free Professional. We are sure that this program will improve the quality of our offering to your pets by attempting to reduce or remove the stress that can be associated with visits to the BVC.

State of the Heart – Cardiorespiratory Conference

Dr. Maria spent 4 days in Sydney at this extremely interesting and intellectually stimulating examination of cardiorespiratory conditions in companion animals. Dr. Maria said her most important takeaway was that with the advances in pharmaceuticals there are many more options for older pets who cough and she will be expanding her treatment options to improve their standard of care and quality of life.

Feliway Cat Handling Program

This month many of the team completed their Feliway Cat Handling Program. Treina, Ally, Laura, Briana, Natalie, Lisa & Richard are all furthering their knowledge to ensure we provide safe, inviting experiences for cats at the BVC. Course materials supplied by International Cat Care.

January 2019

Ally Completes Certificate!

After many months (years) of concentrated study we are very proud that our nurse, Ally Gallagher, has completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Ally has worked enormously hard and with great success to improve her skills and knowledge and support you in your pet care needs.

ISFM Webinar

This month Dr, Richard, Dr. Maria and Dr. Lucy watched a webinar titled “Atopy in cats – can in be diagnosed and managed?” presented by the ISFM and Professor of Dermatology Karen Moriello (DVM, DACVD). Monthly webinars are a great way for our vets to relax together and further their knowledge on a variety of topics. Dr Richard said this webinar reminded him how uncomfortable allergic responses are for pets and how important it is to provide relief and comfort. And not to ever give up when looking for solutions.

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