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Here at the Belmont Vet Centre species-specific care is important to us and that’s why we like to offer a range of services and products to best suit and take care of your dog.

Vaccinations and parasite prevention are vital components of pet health and protection against potentially fatal diseases. Many diseases and parasites that can affect your pet are preventable through regular treatment. We have a range of different vaccinations and parasite prevention products available to protect your pooch.

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Canine Vaccination (C5) helps to protect your pooch against

Medical care of these viruses, when contracted, involves supportive treatment only, as no virus can be ‘cured’, they can only be overcome by your pet’s own immune system. Supportive treatment however, often needs to be extremely aggressive and may include transfusions, oxygenation, and long-term hospital care. Please keep your pet’s vaccinations current for the best protection possible.

Puppy Vaccination Protocol

C3 vaccination:  Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis

Puppy C5 Vaccination: Parvovirus, Distemper & Hepatitis, Bordetella Bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza virus. The Belmont Vet Centre uses a ‘live vaccination’, for our Kennel Cough component, meaning your puppy can have its final vaccine as early as 10 weeks of age. This way you and your puppy can get out and socialise without risking the health of your pup!

They will require another C5 vaccination (referred to as an adult C5) covering those viruses listed above, is administered.

Adult Dog Vaccination Protocol

The C3 component of our C5 vaccination actually lasts for three years, meaning your dog will only require a full C5 every 3 years, as opposed to some vaccines which require a full C5 vaccination be given every year.

All adult dogs require Kennel Cough vaccinations every year. Both of these vaccines together, are called a C5 Vaccine, and is what is required for boarding dogs in kennels. The KC vaccination is given annually, in year two and three in our vaccination schedule (between the C5 vaccinations).

A simple injection can be given every year to your dog to ensure adequate protection against the heartworm parasite. This injection can be given every year to your dog to ensure adequate protection against the heartworm parasite. This injection can be given at your dog’s wellness visit, so as to spread out the amount of needles given to your pet, as well as the cost of these injections.

Alternatively, instead of an annual vaccination for heartworm protection, you may prefer to include a heartworm preventative in your parasite protection regime. In this case, we offer an all-rounder monthly chew for fleas, ticks and worms – including heartworms for dogs.

It is important to note that, although your dog may be fully vaccinated, there is still a small chance that they may still acquire the abovementioned diseases. However, if fully vaccinated, the chance of catching the disease and the severity is greatly reduced.

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Parasite Protection

We have a range of different preventative and treatment products available to protect your pet. Our team can recommend options to suit your pet and lifestyle.


Diet and nutrition is a vital part of animal development and maintaining good health. It is vital that puppies and dogs are given a high quality, complete and balanced diet.

Puppy School

Our puppy school is a great way to begin the basics of your puppy’s training with hands-on learning and discussion topics focusing on important puppy healthcare.

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