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Puppy school is one of our favourite service offerings at the BVC. There’s very little that is better than sharing the learning and bonding of a new puppy with its very new and happy family.

And the long-term benefits of the socialization and training for the puppy cannot be underestimated. Making sure they fit with your lifestyle, learn good manners, and enjoy coming to the BVC are all important reasons to make sure puppies can enjoy this activity right when their brains are most ready for it.

Unfortunately, unusual times call for unusual measures and we are unable to offer our usual class with an emphasis on socialization as well as learning.

Our team have worked hard though to ensure a great learning experience for your dog, even if they can’t show off in person to their classmates!

Currently we are running puppy school as an on-line learning experience over a 5-week period with a final, graduation class that you don’t have to share with other spotlight stealers.

After registering our team will discuss you, your puppy and your lifestyle on the phone and send through a link to a series of videos that can be used for training as well as the usual paper learning materials we have always provided. We will also schedule your graduation appointment at the time of registration. This is to keep your training schedule on track but of course we can always change it later if we need to.

So, your puppy will work through four weeks of online training and their final class will be an appointment at the BVC with one of our puppy school trainers. You will be able to show us all that you have learned in school, be able to discuss any questions or concerns face-to-face and receive your graduation certificate from our team.

We know that trying to work through difficult and unusual circumstances is hard and there are lots of questions when there’s a new, furry, hairy bundle of mischief chewing on your socks but we are only a phone-call away and would love to share this wonderful experience with your family.

We treat you and your pets as family.

We look forward to seeing you soon!
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