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When you bring your pet to the Centre for a visit, our nursing team and our vets conduct what we call a nose-to-tail physical examination. We routinely check eyes, teeth, coat, mucous membranes, ears, weight, skin and mobility for anything that might be different or unexpected.

What we can’t do is see what’s going on inside. That’s why urine and faecal samples are so important. They give us an early indication that your pet is (or is not) as healthy on the inside as we can see on the outside.

Importantly, these tests give early indications of health problems which allow us to start treatment. Early treatment can also slow the progress of chronic diseases such as kidney disease.

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Urine tests (urinalysis) provides a lot of information to our team.

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Some of the diseases we can detect with a urine sample include:

Faecal tests are also important. Examination of poo helps us identify internal parasites such as roundworm, hookworm, coccidia or tapeworms. Giardia, and cryptosporidium may be seen. We may see blood and indicators such as consistency and smell of the sample might tell us that everything is not right on the inside of your pet.

If you have been asked to drop off a urine or stool sample to the BVC please fill out the below fields and send the information through to us when you get a sample.

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Please note that analysis of laboratory samples will incur a fee. Our team will manage this for you when your test is dropped off at the Belmont Vet Centre.

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