End of Life Care

Here at the Belmont Veterinary Centre, we are there for you and your pet, from the moment we first meet you, to the moment it is time to say goodbye. We recognise that goodbyes are never easy and so our euthanasia program is based on creating the smoothest experience for both you and your pet.

For this reason, we offer a euthanasia discussion beforehand. This is to talk you through the process of euthanasia and to answer any questions or address any worries and concerns you may have. During this time, we will also discuss aftercare options with you, something often not considered before this point in time. Saying goodbye is heartbreaking, so we offer this discussion beforehand, to allow you to focus all of your love and attention on your beloved pet during the euthanasia process that follows.

Belmont Vet Centre end of life care
Belmont Vet Centre end of life care

Say goodbye with dignity

During a euthanasia procedure at the Belmont Vet Centre, there is a process followed to ensure a smooth, pain free and calm experience for your pet. Every pet receives a mild sedation to relax them. We then offer you and your pet as much time as you need, to share your last moments together. When you are ready, an overdose of anaesthetic will be administered. This is a very quiet, painless and quick process for your pet. You are welcome to spend as much time together afterward as you need and leave when you are ready. We understand you cannot put a timeframe on saying goodbye to those you love.

For those that cannot face this final journey with their pet, you have the freedom and the choice to leave at any stage of the euthanasia process above. Your pet will be loved and cared for by our team during their final moments, so you do not need to fear that they will be alone.

For those who would like to say goodbye to their loved ones in the comfort of the own home, home visits are available to our clients on request. Please contact the team directly to discuss this.


There are a range of aftercare options to choose from after saying goodbye to your pet. These include home burial and different cremation options.

For those that would like to take their loved one home on the day of euthanasia, the team at Belmont Vet Centre can arrange a suitable vessel for you to bury your pet in.
When choosing cremation there are two options. Cremation without return of the ashes and individual cremation with return of the ashes to you. For the first option, these pets are cremated and scattered in a garden at the Edenhills facility. This is not a location that can be visited by owners but is a calm and peaceful place for pets to come to rest. For the second option, individual cremation, pets are cremated and returned to you to keep at home or to take and scatter in a special location, in a vessel of your choosing. This is a beautiful way to honour pets.

For each of the above aftercare options, you can also request hair clippings and footprints of your pets, another wonderful way to treasure your passed loved one.

We’re here until the end

Please contact the clinic directly if you have any further questions or would like to discuss end-of-life further.