Pet treats and human food equivalents

Treats & Human Food Equivalents

Dogs and cats can receive a controlled number of treats provided they make up no more than about 10% of the pet’s calorie intake each day.There are commercial pet treats, but you can also use certain human foods. Fruits and vegetables are excellent, low calorie, options. It is important to avoid toxic ingredients for pets (such as onions, garlic, chocolate, macadamia nuts) including products containing xylitol, which is common in human products such as sugar free gum and some peanut butters but is toxic to pets.

If you, like many pet parents, like to treat your pet with human food to show your love, here are some healthy options to do that:


  • Apple slices (core and seeds removed): ~5 cal / slice
  • Blueberries: < 2 cal / berry
  • Banana slices: ~15 cal / slice
  • Cucumbers: < 2 cal / slice


  • Broth popsicles/ice cubes (veggie, beef, chicken): < 10 / popsicle


  • Green beans: < 2 cal / bean
  • Baby carrots: 4 cal / carrot
  • Broccoli florets: < 2 / floret
  • Fresh, shelled peas: ~2 cal / pea
When purchasing treats for your pet we strongly advocate that you search for Australian manufactured products as there have been issues (including fatalities) associated with cheap, imported products from countries who do not share Australia’s rigorous production standards and may use additives and chemicals that would not be permitted under Australian standards.

Image from Hill’s.