Puppy School

Belmont Veterinary Centre’s puppy school is a great way to begin the basics of your puppy’s training, taught by our own Veterinary Nurses. Our team has developed our training program to suit the needs of you and your puppy, so you can be sure that the people helping you are qualified to do so and will be there to share the joy as your dog becomes an adult.

BVC has been hosting puppy school for many years now and we regularly review our content so that we cover a range of important topics about puppy care and upbringing that will be beneficial to puppies now and well into their adult lives.

Belmont Vet Centre puppy school graduate

A 5-week course involving hands-on learning and discussion topics

We believe that puppy socialisation is a key factor in the development of a puppy, setting them up to learn how to enjoy and cope with new experiences right throughout their lives (not just while they are babies). We encourage one-on-one puppy play – ensuring that we match similar or complimentary puppy personalities to ensure that everyone has a safe, pleasant and positive experience!

During our 5 week course, we cover a range of hands-on learning and discussion topics focusing on important puppy healthcare.

Puppy school is run here at the clinic in our spacious indoor presentation room, which opens out into the backyard, giving plenty of space and new environments for puppies to be exposed to during their classes (where the weather permits). 

Hands-on learning activities include:

Discussion topics include:

Puppy school is currently taking enrolments for puppies aged 8-16 weeks (this is the age range at the first week of the course).

Interested in enrolling your fur baby in Puppy School?

Feel free to contact the clinic for more information or to enroll your fur baby in puppy school with the team at BVC.