gratitude in time of uncertainty

Practising Gratitude in Times of Uncertainty

Well the last few weeks have certainly been one heck of a ride. Here at the BVC we are trying to deal with the implications of coronavirus for our team, for our clients, and most importantly for our pet family.

We have had to implement a series of changes to “business as usual” – generally on the fly, based on available information which is constantly changing and trying to keep in mind our Centre’s vision of “Excellence in Petcare”.

The whole thing can be quite overwhelming. I thought it might be time to hit “pause” and remember some of the things we are grateful for in this time of stress and uncertainty – and I co-opted the team to help me out, so here is the BVC team’s approach to life as we try to navigate through:

Lucky Lisa: “I’m grateful that I can still hug my cats & dogs. They don’t have to comply with social distancing! And I’m very grateful for the BVC team, who continue to astound me with their care and concern for others. Thank you all for having our backs…we’ll get through this together.”

Reflective Richard: “I’m grateful for everyone’s support and understanding. Our clients have been so accommodating and our team are making this so much easier than it might be – everyone is co-operating and pulling together. Don’t make me get teary!”

Marvellous Maria: “I’m grateful for being alive, having a family that loves me, living in a developed country, having a roof over my head and a job that I love….and I’ve got more!”

Lively Lucy: “I’m grateful for the team. They keep up their positive attitude and they are adapting to lots of changes in circumstances and they keep smiling. And for the second kettle – it’s awesome!”

Loveable Laura: “I’m grateful for family time with my husband and daughter and people stepping forward to help and support others through such a crazy time”.

Reliable Red (also known as Nimble Nat): “I’m grateful for having my new husband at home and we’re both healthy and our jobs are secure”

Brilliant Briana: “I’m grateful for my furbabies who are always there for a cuddle, head bob and to brighten my day”

Amazing Amelia (or Magnificent Meels): “I’m grateful I work for two people who are moving heaven and earth to maintain the team’s hours and clinic functionality” (thank you Meels)

Remarkable Rachel: “I’m grateful for working with a team who are looking after each other and for having a job at the moment!”

Stunning Sophie: I’m grateful that I am healthy and fit”

Spectacular Saira: “I’m grateful that I can still come to work, socialise with pets and get my daily cuddles, and the team are being so supportive of each other as we get through this together”

As you can see, a lot of us had trouble with “one” thing to be grateful for – and there’s one more – mostly we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue to help you and your pets. Thank you all for sharing this wild ride with us. Much love.